Comprehensive Eye Exams

We are excited to see you and your family to provide the best preventative eye care.

Our compassionate doctors are proud to provide accurate prescriptions and peace of mind regarding your eye health. They are licensed to treat and prescribe medication for eye diseases. If we find a problem that requires specialty care, we have an excellent network of referral specialists.

Our attentive managers and staff strive to keep the practice running efficiently so you can be seen promptly and get on with the rest of your day. Children are a special focus at our Rosedale office where we can examine infants beginning at 6 months old.

Most eye changes occur subtly over time and must be regularly monitored to protect your vision and prevent problems. Click here for a description of some common visual symptoms that you may experience. The most important thing to know is that visual changes and degeneration often happen without ANY SYMPTOMS. Schedule your annual eye health exam today!

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At Stars in your Eyes, we provide comprehensive evaluations of the vision and health of your eyes. Our doctors have selected instruments that are patient-friendly and that provide images and information that help identify and document current issues and any future threats to your vision.

Visual Acuity Testing

Visual Field Screening

Binocular Vision Evaluation

Refraction Procedure

Pupils + Extraocular Motility Exam

Glaucoma Screening

Your vision is crucial to learning, earning and enjoying life.

We may take for granted good vision but, in fact, there are more areas in your brain dedicated to visual processing than all other senses combined. Our professional evaluation of your eyes always includes a discussion of your individual visual needs and concerns.

Our Developmental Vision Specialist, Dr. Emily Schottman, can evaluate you or your child for creative solutions to eyestrain, headaches, computer fatigue, eye turns/lazy eye and visually-based learning issues (commonly diagnosed as attention deficit and dyslexia symptoms). These specialty exams take place at our Rosedale office.

It’s easy to schedule an eye exam at Stars In Your Eyes Optometry. Just call us at (512) 477-9000 (Downtown) or (512) 371-0144 (Rosedale) and we’ll find a time that fits your busy schedule. Children are a special focus at our Rosedale office where we can examine infants beginning at 6 months old.