Everyone has unique vision. We often have difficulty describing what we are seeing, let alone understanding it.

Many visual symptoms can be confusing or frustrating, and yet can be easily addressed with the proper diagnosis and treatment. Most eye changes occur subtly over time and must be regularly monitored to protect your vision and prevent problems. The following are some common visual symptoms that you may experience.

Computer Eyes

Our society is dominated by computers. Yet our eyes are not normally suited for extended near-point tasks. Many students and professionals experience blurry, dry, itchy, red or watering eyes due to undiagnosed eyestrain and focusing problems. A properly balanced prescription for computer and reading use can not only relax your eyes but will also allow for more efficient and productive performance. Stars In Your Eyes (SIYE) Optometry specializes in remedies for our computer-stressed patients.

Older Eyes

Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have had perfect vision, many important changes occur in your eyes right about the time you turn 40. The internal lens that is responsible for our up-close focusing gradually loses its ability to bend the light to see up close-you may find yourself moving reading material farther away and needing good light to see. While denial and frustration are common symptoms of this change, we can address your specific focusing needs with the latest bifocal, “invisible” bifocal and even contact lens designs. Getting older is all in your perspective; keep things in focus at SIYE!

Sick Eyes

Watery, itchy or red eyes can mean allergies, infections or just living in Texas. Your eyes are mucous membranes just like your throat, nose and sinuses, and if you’re feeling down and out, the “windows to your soul” can reflect your illness. We can prescribe both medical and homeopathic treatments to gently treat most acute eye symptoms. Call and schedule an exam with us when you’re “seeing stars”. Our doctors will do their best to make you feel better.

Your Eyes

The most common visual symptom for most eye disease, however, is no symptoms at all. Your SIYE Optometrist can detect even subtle changes to your vision before real damage occurs. An annual eye examination with our high-tech instruments to evaluate the health of your eyes and the accuracy of your prescription is crucial to protecting your eye health.

“Our ongoing promise to you is to provide the ultimate in patient education, recommending the vision options that we would to our own family.”