After a pretty dismal experience at another optometrist on South Congress last year, I was ready for a change and Dr. Wright / Stars in Your Eyes delivered. Professional, friendly and courteous, they took their time with me and my contact lense prescription is now better than ever. Highly recommended. – Christina

I started wearing glasses at about the age of 7. I was a little brown haired girl with big ‘ol rainbow rimmed frames that my mom made me get because they were “cute”. Anyway, my point is that I have visited many, many optometrists over the last 23 years. None of them have ever been bad, but none have ever been great either. Then I met Dr. Wright. Seriously, this guy is awesome… I will never go anywhere else. The staff is awesome. Michael and John are amazing. – Stephanie

I really appreciate how the friendly, helpful staff at Stars in Your Eyes treated me when I went in because of troubles with my contacts. They took the time to listen and explain what was going on. These days, it seems like too many doctors are in such a rush that they don’t even listen to their patients! Not so at SIYE. I was taken care of and left happy with contacts that feel great. – N.N.

Stars in Your Eyes is a total gem. One that I’m glad I scouted several eyeglass places in Austin for to find these beautiful shelves of hip glasses. Honestly, I hit up about 4 or 5 glasses shops in Austin looking for the best selection and honestly the cheapest prices, and found the best variety and reasonable prices at the Stars in your Eyes on Hancock. You can imagine my excitement! – Sharon

I’m not gonna get long winded here, just gonna say this place was perfect. They were attentive, friendly, and thorough. The Doc was easy to talk to, and Lindsey in the front office was down to earth. They never tried to up-sell me, which was nice. They rock!!! Also, Janis made getting new lenses for my glasses the easiest it had ever been. – Richard

If you’re looking for a top-notch optometrist who’s extremely interested in not only how well you see now, but also in your eye health and taking preventative measures, you’ll love Dr. Holly Richards. I have been seeing her for years and feel so comfortable talking to her. She’s found me the most comfortable type of contact lenses on the planet. Amazing!!  Candice

The staff here is great! I’m so glad I found this place. I’ve had two visits here. It was quick to get an appointment and that office runs like a fine tuned machine. They also have a great selection of frames. I didn’t feel like I was forced into buying them there. I’ve kept the same pair that I bought from them 3 or 4 years ago because I love them so much. I’m so happy with my experience here. I doubt I’ll ever leave them! – Victoria

Well, going to the eye doctor just became a LOT more enjoyable. Dr. Colorado and her staff were top notch. I received a thorough exam, I was walked though each step and given a courteous and professional explanation of the whats and whys for each test. Dr. Colorado spent lots of time with me and fine tuned my prescription perfectly. A very enjoyable check up! – Jeff H.

It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to visit Stars In Your Eyes. I have told all my friends about you. John, Michael, and of course, Dr. Schottman, are not only helpful but are fun and friendly to deal with as well. And I’m very grateful to John for his help in picking out just the pair of right glasses! Stars In Your Eyes ROCKS!” ;-) — Dwight

What great service! Almost everything in my life is hard right now, and everything about doing business with you has been easy! I expected it to be a big hassle to get my glasses changed, but it ended up being a pleasure. Every part of my experience with your company was good! Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Thank you. — Suzanne

You’re the greatest eye doctor I’ve ever had-I’ve learned more in two visits from you than hundreds with other doctors! — Don

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how super you ALL are. I feel like I am welcome every time I walk through the door. Michael and John, you are always so very helpful in making my glasses decision, and I very much value your opinions. Thank you so much for all you do. Looking forward to my next visit. — Jan

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the level of service you provided. I emailed my work colleagues for a referral, specifically asking for an office where the entire staff seemed dedicated to personal attention. Yours was the only office recommended. I am very pleased with the attitude and attention. I will be quite happy to refer you in the future! Thanks so much. — Kathleen

This message is to convey my appreciation for the outstanding service I received during my appointment yesterday. The state of the art technology used within your facility is AWESOME. I applaud your expansion and wish you continued success!!! Thank you. — Gloria

When I got home with my new glasses and found a flaw in my frames, the quick response by your staff and the fact that my word was trusted over the phone really cemented the superior customer service your office provides. EVERYONE I dealt with was wonderful. I have been recommending your office to everyone I know. Thank you for the best eye wear experience I have ever had. You have made a customer for life. — April

I just wanted to take the time to tell you thank you. Your office was recommended to me by a friend. From the helpfulness of everyone there, to the honesty of the optometrist and the great taste of your employees, I had the ideal customer experience. I am the worst at picking glasses and your staff not only helped me find the perfect pair, but a pair that has received more compliments than any other glasses I have owned (and I’ve had them for all of 2 weeks!!). I have a pair of glasses that I love and they are a bit different from what I normally go for. — JR

Good morning! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies. It was the least I could do for you guys helping me out with my new glasses and contacts. I had a really fun time there and look forward to a long relationship with your office. Have a great Monday, and thanks again!! — Cary

I just wanted to drop a note while it was fresh on my mind, but my appointment was one of the best doctor experiences I’ve had in a very long time. Every single person who spoke or worked with me was kind, considerate, respectful and definitely knowledgeable. My contacts fit great and I’ve never had a doctor be so detailed about getting it perfectly right for me. He didn’t accept that I could see, but wanted to make sure they were absolutely perfect. I left feeling really happy and taken care of. It’s important to me because I work in client services at an advertising agency, so when someone treats me the way I treat my clients, it just feels extra great. I really appreciate it and will definitely tell all my friends and will continue to return to this office for more services and products. — Christine

Dear Stars, Thank you so much for taking the time and extra care to get my bifocal contacts just right. I’ve practiced wearing them for a while now, and I’m pleased that I can see well enough to drive and to take photos. — Irene

I am soooo excited! I came home and immediately tried my glasses with my computer —they work GREAT! You and John are just wonderful. It’s so nice to have such caring people! Thank you so much for your patience with my eyes and hard work at correcting my work vision problems. I get so many compliments on my glasses. John seems to select frames that keep me up to date with the latest styles. Thank you BOTH so much! — Sherry