Why You Might Need Vision Therapy

Your eyes relay information about the world around you to your brain. The way your eyes send this information to your brain determines how you see things. It’s actually why everyone sees things differently from one another. Sometimes, the way your eyes relay this information is inefficient for a variety of reasons. In children, an example of this is amblyopia, or what’s more commonly known as lazy eye.

In fact, how your eyes function determine how well people interact with the world around them. There are often more complex vision complications than just not being able to see near or far. These are harder to catch and with children, can lead to learning troubles. With a comprehensive vision exam, you can determine whether your eyes are working efficiently.

So what happens when you’ve determined that your eyes are not working efficiently? At Stars In Your Eyes, we offer Vision Therapy.


What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a treatment done to help improve the efficiency of your eyes. This could potentially help correct your vision or other issues that are caused by inefficient vision. This treatment method uses a combination of at home and in office exercises that train your eyes to work more efficiently.

Stars In Your Eyes offers Vision Therapy for both adults and children to correct vision issues.


How Do I Know If I Need Vision Therapy?

A comprehensive eye exam can help determine if you have any conditions that would benefit from treatment through Vision Therapy. Otherwise, you could always bring up your concerns with your optometrist to see if they would recommend Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy can help treat vision conditions such as lazy eye, eyestrain, and depth perception. It can also help with conditions you may have not realized are caused by your vision. Here are some concerns you should bring up to your optometrist if you experience them.


There are different kinds of headaches, but some may be caused by inefficiencies in your vision. Headaches can even be caused by a change in your prescription, so you might just need glasses. If not, your optometrist may be able to recommend Vision Therapy.

Motion Sickness

Have you ever wondered why you experience motion sickness when your friends and family do not? One possible reason could be your vision. In fact, motion sickness and your vision are intrinsically linked, which is why people often give you tips such as to keep your eye on the horizon. With Vision Therapy, you could correct the way your eyes react to motion and possibly cure your motion sickness!

Learning Delays

Is your child having difficulty focusing in the classroom? Did you know that this could be a result of their vision functioning in a way that impedes their learning? Even if they have 20/20 vision, they may have a hard time focusing on the blackboard, focusing on the sheet in front of them, or adjusting to glare. With a comprehensive eye exam, your child’s optometrist may be able to determine if Vision Therapy could get them back on track to learning!


If you have undergone an injury or medical issue such as a stroke, your vision may have changed. Vision Therapy can help your eyes readjust.

Sports and Coordination Issues

If you or your child have a difficult time catching a ball or coordinating your actions, a reason could be your vision. If your vision does not work effectively, hand-eye coordination may become compromised and affect your performance in sports, games, or even simple activities like using scissors.


How Long Will Vision Therapy Take?

Vision Therapy is a process – it will not correct your vision overnight, but it might help you see clearer over time. Depending on your condition and your doctor’s recommendation, it may take a few weeks, a few months, or a lifetime. In any case, we hope it’s effective in getting your eyes working to benefit you.


What’s the Next Step?

If you think you have a condition that could be treated by Vision Therapy, the next step is to set up a FREE consultation (before August, 31, 2015) at Dr. Schottman’s specialty Vision Training Clinic.

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