As an Optometrist and Psychotherapist Intern, I see change all the time. My husband says, “For someone who doesn’t like change, you sure create a lot of it.” He can dole it out and only sometimes I think he might be repeating my own words back to me. One of the reasons I love what I do is that I get to help others find eye-opening truths about themselves, too.

It really does not matter if we are picking between clearer lenses, “which is better, one or two?” or selecting a life partner, change can be stressful and anxiety-provoking. It does not help that we are often in a darkly lit room and depending on another to show us the way (now I’m talking about being an eye doctor, what were you thinking??). How we see the world impacts our happiness.


It is no wonder that we react strongly to realizing that others might see the world differently than we do. Without drudging up the dreaded dress” controversy (some see white/gold but others blue/black in the dress here) and resulting color blindness pandemonium, it made sense to me that people want to know that their perceptions match reality.

When your perception matches reality, you see clearly…get compliments on your newly selected glasses(they don’t have to know that our expert opticians picked them out) …fall in love. When our perceptions are inaccurate, you miss our highway exit…misread your partner’s facial expressions…get royally messed up by the time change (THIS weekend (3/8/15)!  Click here for FREE Daylight savings tips!



Change can overwhelm our brains and temporarily drown out our other senses. Think about your first pair of glasses or how the optician tells you it will take a week or two to adapt to your new Rx but you just can’t “hear” it while your new vision is snapping and popping into place through new lenses…same thing if you are a new parent or simply sleep-deprived. Reminding yourself (through your sense of vision or mental wellness) that you have weathered change before and sharing your vision with others are the other ways we adapt and thrive.

Here’s my vision of Dresses worth staring at!

If you are concerned about YOUR color vision (or loved one),  Call for an eye exam today!

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