Good thing we have a “snow” day today in Austin, TX (AISD’s perception might not match reality, see previous post!)…so we can rest up for Daylight Savings lose an hour this weekend, 3/8/15. This time change impacts our ability to sleep, make smart buying decisions and concentrate in school. But, really what is happening is that we are impacted by our visual perception of light.

Less light can create depression & anxiety symptoms because of such things as lowered Vitamin D and increased melatonin. And “lighter later” evenings cheer us with thoughts of walks around Austin’s Lady Bird Lake and outdoor fun after work.



Our eyes use light to generate electrical impulses in the brain for vision, sleep and wake cycles and moods. Yet everyone reacts to light differently!

In cities with more “winter” then we get in Austin, mental health researchers spend a lot of time researching Seasonal Affective Disorder (oddly enough, SAD). When our eyes do not get sufficient light, we can suffer from holiday blues to full blown depression. Check out my friend, Amy Arndt’s hilarious articleon this.

Some researchers who do NOT understand the uniqueness of vision and its impact on dopamine pathways suggest standing in light or even buying “happy lights” to put at your desk. This is similar thinking as less blue light before bed improves insomnia.



I get excited but also nervous by these happenstance recommendations. I think good visual hygiene before bed is important, however, I also know that the wrong visual wavelength can be more harmful than helpful! From board certified neuro optometrist (our own Dr. Jen Idoni), our patients receive Syntonic therapy to straighten eyes, recover from traumatic brain injury and calm anxiety. But only after assessing how individuals react to different wavelengths of light in different ways. Here’s a great link to the benefits and cautions of Syntonics.

For more about our Vision Therapy , Call 512-419-1212 for a FREE (no obligation, our gift to you!) Visual Discovery with Dr. Idoni, for children and adults.

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